Tell me your addictions, I'll tell you your fears

How elite Athletes turn bad habits into their drive.

What are you hooked on right now? Are you an avid tv binger? Social Media enthusiast? Is it rolling up another joint or having another beer because it “cures” your anxiety? Or what about compulsive shopping when you know you should be budgeting?

Where your addiction lies, also lies your biggest hurdles and fears.

Most of us don’t even recognize them as addictions until we try to take them away. We think, because we are actively choosing to make these decisions that we are still in the driver’s seat. What could be wrong with watching tv or being on your phone?

You’re right, those things aren’t hurting you, it’s the control you give it that is hurting you. It’s a crutch, a time filler, an avoidance.

It doesn’t cure your anxiety it masks it and is a temporary fix so you can avoid what your body is trying to signal to you.

Picture this! You have keen senses and abilities which allow you to operate with superhuman potential, right? Some of them are obvious; touch, smell, taste, eyesight… but some of them are not visible. Intuition, consciousness, imagination and perception. Your subconscious and consciousness are always working together to make sure you survive but that you thrive. Guy's, we can be superhuman if we wanted too! So just imagine what you can do with your business, your competition and your personal life when all of these are operating at their highest capacity!!!

The way your consciousness and subconsciousness communicate with each other is through feelings and emotions. But now we live in a society where it is easier to avoid our emotions than deal with them.

Example: when experiencing anxiety, that is your body telling you “Hey! This is something we need to step back and focus on I’m losing some control here. Either something is wrong, broken, confusing and we need to fix it pronto! AKA Mayday we hit a roadblock!” You could be needing to release limiting beliefs, resurfacing personal memories, or you can simply lack confidence in an area. But pay attention, where it shows up is where you need to work on. Masking a smoke signal only prolongs the anxiety later on.

There are many amazing emotions but the ones that often create hurtful addictions and habits stem from fear.

Here are ways fear shows up in your life: Doubts, anxiety, worries, negativity, anger, hopelessness and procrastination. What we are doing when we become addicted to something is masking our fear. You think you’re curing your anxiety but you’re not, you’re temporarily masking it. Look back to when these emotions come up in your life and ask yourself, is it true or is it a fear I created. If it’s fear, let it go!

How do you cure your addictions: by facing your fears. Are you acting on this habit because you simply want to do it or are you acting on it to avoid something. Are you avoiding the feelings and emotions because they are too painful to deal with? Usually what you are afraid to do is the very thing you should do. Its our subconscious fighting with our consciousness, trying to make it grow into a new level but the consciousness likes the comfort of its home. I’m telling you beyond your fear is pure bliss!

Easy Fixes, BIG Results:

· Breathing: Here is a great clip on how elite athletes use breathing to break barriers in competition. These are concepts I use in everyday life, business and in competition:

· Meditation: remember slow is smooth, smooth is fast! Trust me, if you want to get to a next level in business or competition you need to learn to get out of your own way. Control your emotions, break habits, think clearly and be present. There are SOOO many books and free meditation avenues but here are my favorite: Oprah and Deepak FREE meditation app or Gabby Bernstein meditations on YouTube.

What you consume is what you become. Watch how you eat, what you think, what you view, what you breathe… it’s all fuel and you have to ask yourself, is this getting me to where I want to be?

More on brain health and understanding addictions:

In order to tap into your greatness you have to face your weakness.

How to use your addictive personality to drive you:

Once you recognize where your addictions come from you can now allow yourself to throw your deep focus on the things you were designed to do. To focus on being creative, to focus on your growth. In order to succeed you do need high drive. If you have an addictive personality, that not necessarily a bad thing you just need to know where it stems from. It’s either going to show you your purpose or your fear. Addictive personalities can be useful in pushing limits, in discovering new things, in being detail oriented as long as it comes from a place of passion and not fear. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

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