Frequently asked questions

Do you have prints available?

I sure do for selected originals. You can find them on the shop page section. If you dont see the one you were looking for, message me the painting and size you're interested in and I will see if I can get one made for you. Most of my work is with metals which are highly reflective and makes it hard to recreate for prints so only a few lucky originals make the cut for being prints. My FineArt page does have other items such as pillows, mugs, gift ideas, and different canvas materials to choose from.

How much is a Commission or an Original?

I price my paintings off of size to keep the price the same across the board. Price does include shipping, insurance and a custom design sketch for your commissioned piece. All originals come with a certificate of authentency to insure you have the one and only collectable painting. I specialize in large paintings so the smallest size I start at is 24x30" for $950.

How long does it take to do a commission painting?

I'm usually booked months out so the earliest you can book the best. It's only a half down deposit to get on my schedule. Once I start on your painting you will be notified of the progression and will have an idea about the time it will be ready. Usually takes 3-4 weeks from start to your doorstep. (depending on the time of year)


I use custom packaging bubble wrap and boxes for shipping paintings. They ship through UPS and are insured for the ride. Shipping is included in pricing.

Can I choose my own colors?

Absolutley! I understand my style doesnt fit everyones home. The custom design process is to match the colors to your home! My artistic style stays abstract but the colors can change.


Because I do a custom pre-sketch for a commission painting, I do not offer a refund option once painting sketch is approved. Prints refunds go through the site you purchased them from. (fineartamerica.com)

Do you ship internationally?

As of right now I only ship within the US.

Do you do collaborations?

I am open to collaborating together to see if we can help each other! This is my livelyhood so I do not donate paintings. If your brand works well with mine I will be glad to help promote your business as well! Message me your ideas.

Will you paint on other materials?

Depends on what you want but for the most part, yes! What do you have in mind?

Im an Interior Designer, can I use your paintings?

Absolutley! Message me what you're looking for and I have rental fees depending on what you need.

Do you paint other animals?

Yes! It depends on the animal and the image you have. I look for high contrast in shaddows or highlights, good positioning, and clear images for photos to use as reference. Message me and i'll see how I can make something beautiful for your home or office.

Can I make payments?

Absolutely! Let me know how many months you want to break up the payments. I start the painting design when half of the payment is made. Painting will ship when last payment is made. If payment is 2 months late I have the right to place your painting for sale. I will bring painting to shows for display until your're ready to pay final.

Can I copy your paintings or use them for reprints?

Not without my consent. All paintings and images are under copyrights by Powers Perspective Designs. You can purchase a license or the full copyrights if desired. Message me for pricing.

Do you use reference photos?

Yes! If they are professionally taken you must get the photographers consent. If it's a commission painting, reference photos work best so I can make sure it looks exactly like your horse or animal. I look for photos with dark shadows, highlight contrast and clear resolution. Keep it simple, I can get more creative the simpler the photo is. Book a consultation to see if you have an image I can work with. If you do not have the photographers consent, provide their contact informatio and I can reach out to them.

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All Images Copyright Powers Perspective Designs. All Rights Reserved. No portion of images or paintings may be reproduced or copied without written consent from the Artist.

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